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Eric Eastwood

Heya, I'm Eric, a web developer from Minnesota. I also like coding for hardware like FPGA's and microcontrollers.

I have worked with many languages/libraries such as:


Some Experience

I currently work at GitLab(Rails based) and Gitter(Node.js based) as a frontend developer. New features are shipped in each monthly GitLab release, but to call out a few features I worked on: the switch to native unicode emojis with image fallbacks, a section on the Kubernetes cluster page to install applications like Helm Tiller and Ingress, and real time note edits. Currently, I am working on a Selenium proxy server that automatically takes screenshots for any action(like a click) so you can see what is happening in your tests. We are also working on taking those generated screenshots and visually diffing your merge request from master to ensure we don't introduce any UI regressions into the GitLab application itself while shipping new features or refactoring.

I have a few PostCSS and gulp plugins on npm. I even maintain a Node.js library, usb-detection, that lets you listen for any USB devices that are plugged in or removed.

In the distant past, I made themes for Simple Machines Forum(SMF), my forum system of choice. I have three themes publicly released with over 20,000 downloads, two of which garnered the Theme of the Month award.

Other things about me

My other endeavors include some game development with Unity 3D. I released Radius, which is open source on GitHub, that serves as a reference Unity 3D project to learn or build from. I used Radius in a Game Jam and created Super Bounce, a nod to the classic Halo 2 mechanic. The most recent game I released is Traces, a top-down, pseudo-3D shooter, HTML5 browser game made in another Game Jam.

I am also interested in Hardware. I like working with the power and verstility of FPGA's. Some of my FPGA projects include this implementation of Pong or my text library and VGA simulator.

I also have an on-going CNC plotter project.