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Eric Eastwood

Heya, I'm Eric, a web developer and designer from Minnesota. I also like coding for hardware like FPGA's and microcontrollers.

I have worked with many languages such as:


I enjoy making full fledged user experiences from the ground up design in Photoshop to the HTML, CSS, JS and backend.

Some Experience and Accolades

I love using Gulp to automate tasks and have a few plugins on npm. Although my mainstay is Sass, I have now been embracing PostCSS where I also made a plugin for CSS custom-property/variable usage in today's browsers. Recently, I have been building projects with React and the Flux architecture like the code playground I made for my PostCSS plugin.

In the past, I made themes for Simple Machines Forum(SMF), my forum system of choice. I have three themes publicly released with over 15,000 downloads, two of which garnered the Theme of the Month award.

I also worked at Search Solid as a full-stack web developer creating web sites straight from psd design including all backend, database, and templating. I also spent time maintaining pre-existing sites and advising projects in the proposal stage.

Other things about me

My other endeavors include some game development with Unity 3D. I released Radius, which is open source on GitHub, that serves as a reference Unity 3D project to learn or build from. I used Radius in a Game Jam and created Super Bounce, a nod to the classic Halo 2 mechanic. The most recent game I released is Traces, a top-down, pseudo-3D shooter, HTML5 browser game made in another Game Jam.

I am also interested in Hardware. I like working with the power and verstility of FPGA's. Some of my FPGA projects include this implementation of Pong or my text library and simulator.

I also have an on-going CNC plotter project.