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CNC: Controlling Stepper Motors

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Here is a simple guide to get your stepper motors spinning. The video below demos what I made. You can see how everything is set up below that:

Play video


  • Teensy 3.0 or 3.1: Substitute your own Arduino/microcontroller
  • Stepper Motors: 1.7A NEMA 17 4-wire
  • Motor Controllers: I used a 3.5A controller with the TB6560 chips
  • Power Supply: 24V 10A (I used a Sopudar SPD-240-24)

Wiring Diagram / Schematic:

Teensy 3.0 Stepper Motor Setup Diagram

Code (.ino, arduino code):

const int stepperX_pul = 0;
const int stepperX_dir = 1;

const int stepperY_pul = 2;
const int stepperY_dir = 3;

int microstep_count = 0;

void setup()
	// Set up the x axis
	pinMode(stepperX_pul, OUTPUT);
	pinMode(stepperX_dir, OUTPUT);

	// Set up the y axis
	pinMode(stepperY_pul, OUTPUT);
	pinMode(stepperY_dir, OUTPUT);

	// initialize the pulse pins
	digitalWrite(stepperX_pul, HIGH);
	digitalWrite(stepperY_pul, HIGH);

	// initialize the direction pins
	digitalWrite(stepperX_dir, HIGH);
	digitalWrite(stepperY_dir, HIGH);

void loop()
	digitalWrite(stepperX_pul, HIGH);
	digitalWrite(stepperY_pul, HIGH);


	digitalWrite(stepperY_pul, LOW);
	digitalWrite(stepperX_pul, LOW);


	// Once we make a full revolution,
	// make the motor spin the other directon
	if(microstep_count >= 3200)
		digitalWrite(stepperX_dir, !digitalRead(stepperX_dir)); // Change direction.
		digitalWrite(stepperY_dir, !digitalRead(stepperY_dir)); // Change direction.

		microstep_count = 0;